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Tuesday26 March 2019

HITV Lab in Malaysia


HITV Lab in Malaysia is an extension of the laboratory in Japan. Our international standard laboratory is GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practice ) compliant. The production and manufacturing of all therapeutic materials are performed under Class II Biosafety Cabinet in Class 100 Cleanroom conditions. Our laboratory is capable of culturing autologous Dendritic Cells and Activated T-Cells for immunotherapy in cancer.


The treatment protocol is development by Dr. Kenichiro Hasumi in Japan and executed here under stringent international guidelines. HITV Lab in Malaysia is the only laboratory in South East Asia outside of Japan to use this technology. The specialized technology from Japan deals with Immunotherapeutic Vaccines and the treatment of cancers involving IMRT ( Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy ) and Immunotherapy.

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HITV Lab is involved in cell-based biotechnology medical applications with special focus on Dendritic Cell-Based Immunotherapy for cancer. HITV Lab is committed to support an international collaboration in the FDA clinical trial of HITV Therapy in late-stage cancer patients led by the University of Maryland, USA.

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