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Sunday17 February 2019

The Star : A newer approach to cancer treatment


HOSPITAL Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM) is currently carrying out a small trial utilising a form of immunotherapy called Human Initiated Therapeutic Vaccine (HITV).

In the trial, HITV is used in combination with modulated radiotherapy to treat advanced stage (metastatic) cancers.

HITV is pioneered by Hasumi International Research Foundation’s Dr Kenichiro Hasumi.

It involves the use of dendritic cells to stimulate an immune system response to cancer.

The dendritic cells are harvested from the patient and cultured in a laboratory.

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光明日報 : 國大與日本蓮見合作‧盼HITV能治晚期淋巴癌

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由日本蓮見國際研究財團(Hasumi International Research Foundation)理事長兼創辦人蓮見賢一郎(Kenichiro Hasumi)醫生所研究出來的自體免疫治療性疫苗(HITV),能強化機體辨識癌細胞的能力,繼而發動殺手T細胞展開攻擊。日前,國大醫藥中心(UKMMC)宣佈與此研究財團合作,以評估HITV對院內20名晚期淋巴癌患所產生的醫療效益。


HITV全名為源自人類的醫治疫苗(Human Initiated Therapeutic Vaccine),是一種以患者本身的活性細胞作為基礎的免疫治療,適用於晚期或轉移性癌症病患的身上,且與放療聯用時,功效最好。

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HITV Lab is involved in cell-based biotechnology medical applications with special focus on Dendritic Cell-Based Immunotherapy for cancer. HITV Lab is committed to support an international collaboration in the FDA clinical trial of HITV Therapy in late-stage cancer patients led by the University of Maryland, USA.

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