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Tuesday26 March 2019

Star2 : Keeping an open mind on ‘unproven’ treatments


I AM writing in response to the joint letter by the Malaysian Oncological Society and the President of the Singapore Society of Oncology (The Star, March 3).

Your letter is generally well written, offering sensible cautionary advice to cancer patients about “unproven” treatments.

While I cannot offer the breadth of data you demand (“clinical trials involving thousands of patients”) I will share one data point in an in-depth manner, in the hope that you see prima facie evidence that maybe Human Initiated Therapeutic Vaccine (HITV) works after all.

And since I am “replying” to oncologists, I will convey facts accurately from medical reports and supplemented by personal notes. I hope that laymen readers will bear with me.

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Star2 : A case for immunotherapy


Vincent Chin, 67, woke up one morning and felt a lump the size of a 50sen coin on the right side of his neck.

An avid golfer, he didn’t think too much about it and went on with his daily routine.

However, the retired business administrator couldn’t help but feel uneasy about the lump, and so he decided to consult a doctor.

End result: he was diagnosed with stage 2/3 nasopharyngeal cancer in September 2015 after various consultations.

Wong Moh Tian, 63, had been experiencing problems with urination for the past year. He suffered from nocturia (frequent urination at night), dribbling and weak urine stream.

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HITV Lab is involved in cell-based biotechnology medical applications with special focus on Dendritic Cell-Based Immunotherapy for cancer. HITV Lab is committed to support an international collaboration in the FDA clinical trial of HITV Therapy in late-stage cancer patients led by the University of Maryland, USA.

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